Basic Advice On Astute Strategies For Aromatherapy Diffuser

May 30, 2017  
aromatherapy diffuser

“Introducing Monq , a first-of-its-kind portable and personal therapeutic air diffuser that gives you instant access to the same organic compounds our ancestors once breathed.” Sure, Paleo has been a buzzword for a while now, but has it aromatherapy diffuser really progressed from eating plan to oxygen? (And what, exactly, is Paleo air—beyond just a marketing term?) In the name of research—not to mention a serious case of curiosity—I ordered a pack. Here’s what happened when I tried Paleo air. A couple days after replying to the mysterious email, my Monq diffusers—which sell for $20 a pop—arrived in the mail. They looked like electronic cigarettes and came in seven “flavors,” all mood-related: Zen, Vibrant, Sleep, Healthy, Happy, Active, and Sexy. I picked one up, feeling the weight of the metal rod on my hand. There was a jeweled gem on the end. Showing them off to my coworkers, I admit it, I felt…. Okay, okay, I felt cool. I was getting ready for bed after having a couple drinks with friends and it occurred to me: This is when someone would normally smoke, right? The packaging for each diffuser stick lists the herbs packed inside.

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